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Title: A Chance Well Taken © 2013
Part: 4/?
Pairing(s): Jude Law/Alex Law (Ewan McGregor)
Fandoms: Breaking and Entering/ Shallow Grave
Type: RPS, AU, Crossover
Rating: PG - NC-17
Genre: * Drama * Hurt/Comfort *
Warnings: * Adult Content *
Summary: A promising architect finds it difficult to emotionally connect with people after his marriage failed. Then he meets someone from the lowest parts of society and the outcome of that meeting is quite unexpected.
Author’s note:

Ewan's character is Alex Law, a journalist in 'Shallow Grave' from 1994. Alex speaks traditional Scottish in this story, so brace yourself.

The musical part of Alex’s background is borrowed from "Doggin’ Around", also from 1994.

Jude played an architect in 'Breaking and Entering', from 2006. I'm just borrowing the set and parts of the story for his character.

>> SPOILERS? Oh yes... All over the place and in every nook and cranny as well. No way to escape knowing the dramatic climatic end nor the plot of the movies involved in this story. <<

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“Guid morn, Jude,” he heard a soft amused voice say in his ear.

Jude woke up to see two beautiful grey green eyes speckled with pale lemon jade staring back at him. Alex was resting his head in his hand watching Jude.

Scratching his hair, Jude asked, “How... how long have I been asleep?”

“Ah dunnae kinn. Aw nicht, but probably as lang as Ah hae,” Alex said and smiled. Then he sat up, swung his legs out, and put his feet on the floor. Twisting to look at Jude who also sat up, he then got out of bed and collected his clothes.

Jude darted an appreciating look at his naked sleeping partner, remembering vividly how good it felt to be lying skin to skin with him last night. In the daylight, it was easy to discern how skinny and yet toned Alex was all over. Flat stomach and graceful, shapely legs. His eyes travelled up and lingered at Alex’s hot arse. Why didn’t he grope him some more last night when he had the chance? Oh, right, Alex slept. Jude was a gentleman... almost a gentleman.

Jude got out of bed, too. Picking up his clothes, he then cocked a hip and asked, “So... would you like some breakfast?”

“Nae,” Alex smiled apologetically. “Aam makin' ye uncomfortable, Jude. Ah can sense it an' it’s aw reit. I’ll jist dash aff in a quick. Ah jist need tae piss an' 'en I’ll be out of yer hair.”

“Alex, you’re not making me...” Jude tried to interrupt him.

“It’s aw reit. Really,” Alex said and left the bedroom.

Jude felt so sick in the stomach. He didn’t want Alex to leave. He really liked him. Quickly, he dressed. “Alex?” he asked and trotted after him into the bathroom and stopped.

Alex looked up from his position in front of the toilet. He held his cock in his hand and then looked down to make sure he aimed correctly.

Jude looked back at Alex’s face. The guy was smiling a little. “I can handle it,” Jude said.

“Handle whit exactly?” Alex asked.

“You. I can handle you.”

“I’m botherin' ye, Jude,” Alex replied softly and dried off remaining droplets with a piece of toilet paper, before he washed his hands. Quickly, he then stepped into his underwear and pants. Looking at Jude, he said, “Yoo’re sae fuckin' tense; Ah cooldn’t faa asleep afair ye did.”

“What?” Jude asked. “I fell asleep after you.”

Alex just shook his head. “Nae. Ah pretended Ah was asleep tae help ye faa asleep.”

“What?” Jude laughed self-consciously. “So you know that I...”

Alex smirked. “Yeah. But it’s aw reit...”

“Stop saying that!”

“Jude. Yoo’re sae tense Ah coods use ye as bass strings... Wooldn’t 'at be somethin’?” Alex smiled. "Relax sometimes. Jist lit yerself enjoy th' moment in every aspect of yer life. That's whit Ah dae when Ah play... ur write."

“Fucking hell. Whatever.” Jude gestured towards him. “You must miss playing terribly then. I’d love to hear you play sometime,” Jude said and received a stunned look from Alex. Then the Scot laughed and shrugged.

“Reit. I’d better be oan mah way...”

“You’re doing this on purpose...” Jude said and pointed a finger at him. "Escaping. So you're not doing better than me."

“Ah...” Alex looked a little exasperated. “Jude. Ah...” He scratched his head and then peeled off an elastic from around his wrist. With sure hands, he gathered the upper half of his coppery red hair in a ponytail and went downstairs, Jude in tow.

“Please stay.”

“Sorry, but Ah cannae. Yoo're completely missin' th' point,” Alex said and smiled regrettably.

“What is the point? Tell me?” Jude asked pleadingly.

“Some other time, aye?” Alex said.

Longingly, Jude looked at those chiselled cheekbones, Alex’s sweet little mouth. His gorgeous eyes. Alex gave him the thrills he’d been lacking for such a long time.

“I’ll be oan mah way. See ye aroond 'en,” Alex said, “Ah micht tak' ye up oan storin' th' bass here.”

“Please do,” Jude replied relaxing a little. Alex would come back for a visit and probably soon.

Alex grabbed the jacket Jude had given to him and put it on. He lifted his hand for a bit of a wave before he left the office. Jude went and sat down on a step. The weekend looked bleak and miserable, but now that Alex had left, Jude supposed he’d be able to concentrate and get some work done.


“Glaikit Alex,” Alex chided himself. “Shoods hae biddin’ fur breakfest. But 'at kiss, ye ken. Jude wants ye tae bide. Wants ye in his scratcher. He’ll be a guid ride.” Alex pressed a hand to his mouth. “But 'at kiss was sooo guid. Jist cannae shag heem. Ne'er shag heem. Jist get th' damn bass an' lap an' get it stashed here an' get out ay his way. Get th' job dain. Finish whit yoo’ve started an' get yer life back.” Alex turned and waited for a few moments. “Quit! Arguin'!” he pleaded with himself to get a grip on himself. Checking his pockets, he found a few quid. The bloke he shagged a few nights ago, had paid him after all. Not much, because Alex hadn’t asked for money, but he’d gotten some nevertheless. “Pity. He pitied me,” Alex said and then grinned. “Thenk god fur 'at.”

The smile quickly left him, and he walked briskly until he came to a Carluccio coffee shop. The one near at St Pancras Station was an underwhelmingly poor experience. The staff was slow and rude but Alex liked their coffee. The bickering between staff and customers usually meant that Alex could sit for himself in the shop without being disturbed. Sometimes he had a whole hour to himself before they became suspicious of him.

Alex stepped inside and bought his coffee. Quickly, he went and found a corner where he sat and watched the traffic for a while. He knew he had to go and pick up his bass and laptop. But the prospect of his stuff not being there any more was enough to make him not want to do it. The embarrassment of standing there asking and that bitch laughing at him for having sold them. But then he remembered the bonus. He’d get it stashed at Jude’s. Jude wanted his stuff in his office. All that fucking drama was close to freaking him out.

Sticking his fingers in his hair, Alex closed his eyes. Slowly, he leaned down and rested his forehead against the small table. Jude’s face came to him and Alex smiled.

“More coffee?” a voice interrupted. Spooked, Alex sat up straight and stared alarmed at the speaker. Then he relaxed somewhat. It was just one of the baristas.


“It’s for free. You come so often.”

He actually smiled and a bit stunned, Alex nodded. “Och aye. Cheers.”

The barista smiled wider and Alex leaned over his table and followed him with his eyes, as he went back to his station. The other baristas looked expectantly at the guy, and Alex sighed. He wondered what kind of bet was going on between them. Sure enough, the guy came back shortly after carrying a cake on a saucer.

“Ah didn’t order thes,” Alex said right away.

“It’s for free,” the guy smirked, “if you suck me off in the toilets...”

“Weel, I can’t tolerate dairy products, like,” Alex said. “Ur nuts...” he added, “...Jamie.” He’d noticed his name when he brought more coffee.

“Oh,” the guy said bewildered.

Alex put on his best pouty sad face. Did ye lose th' bet, glaikit? his expression said, and the guy seemed to get the message because his face turned a little red.

Cursing them all to hell under his breath, Alex got up and left right away. “Feckin’ stupid twats the lot of ‘em.” Now he couldn’t show his face there again. The stupid bloke was probably still at school slaving over an education too many were qualified for in the first place. A sure way to unemployment... Well, that brightened up Alex’s mood a bit.


Staring at the door, Jude wished Alex was still here. He missed him already. Slowly, Jude pressed his hand against his crotch. He was half-hard and, closing his eyes, he let Alex’s cheeky smile drift across his third eye. His cock twitched happily. “You like him, too. Don't you?” Jude said, laughed and pressed harder. Getting up, he took the stairs two steps at the time and peeled off his clothes as soon as he entered the bathroom. Getting under the warm sprays, he smiled and rubbed his hands all over his body. When he was nicely soapy, his hands went straight to his cock striking off a quick one thinking about Alex’s soft smiling lips. He remembered what he tasted like. What his lips felt like. He imagined Alex on his knees sucking him off, looking up at him with those intense translucent green eyes of his.

"Uh, Alex," Jude panted as he climaxed hard, and for the first time in a long while feeling thoroughly satisfied afterwards. He'd stopped thinking about Liv in a sexual context a long time ago. He hadn’t thought about his flings for months either. He’d actually come to the point where he'd thought he'd become asexual not really being turned on by people any more... until Alex. Alexander completely revved his life now and gave him that spark of passion he hadn't felt about anything for a year.

After his morning routine, he went to the local Sainsbury’s on Camden Road to buy some breakfast. Automatically, his eyes scanned the alley streets he passed checking for Alex, but he didn't see him. He wasn't worried about him; Alex had taken care of himself long before Jude met him, but he did wonder what Alex was doing when he was on his own and had nowhere to stay.

As he stood selecting what to purchase, he was tempted to buy for two and pretend Alex was there waiting when he returned, but he resisted and went back to the office whistling to himself.

Having his breakfast, Jude’s thoughts were all over the place as he spaced out. Turning on the news, he watched a bit of the disasters of the world before he was too bored and turned off the set.

Brushing the crumbs off his chest, Jude got up from the table and brought his coffee to his desk. He sat down heavily in his chair and booted his laptop. A picture of Liv and Bea came to life on his desktop. He fiddled with the mouse for a few moments, before he made the decision to change the desktop into plain green. Then a thought came to mind and Jude leaned back in his seat.

"I wonder..." he said and, moments later, he googled Alex’s name. He laughed aloud when he saw a few links actually coming up, and amongst them a Facebook account. Jude pulled at his lip expectantly, as he clicked the link. Soon, Alex’s very recognisable face looked back at him, and Jude immediately went for his photo album. There were a couple of gritty pictures with him and friends or colleagues back from when he was a journalist in Edinburgh, but also a rather fantastic picture of Alex playing an intimate scene a few years back according to the date he uploaded the picture.

"Henry’s Jazz Bar, 1999."

Alex’s hair was longer, and his eyes were closed. Jude got hard imagining that Alex might look just as swept away in bed, as he did when he played his music. Alex looked confident in his art - a confidence that made him incredibly sexy. Jude saved that picture immediately and made it his screen saver as well as putting it on his desktop.

A few friends had commented the picture and Jude wrote:

"You look incredible. And warm ;) cheers, Jude."

His finger lingered on the send button, but finally he clicked. He doubted Alex was checking his account regularly these days. Nevertheless, Jude friended him even though he felt silly doing it.

He looked at the picture for a few more moments. Reaching out, Jude touched Alex’s lips with his fingertips. Then with a grin, he adjusted himself and logged into his project to begin getting some work done.


Date: 2013-11-30 09:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, they each got the other under their skin! How much longer can this pressure build up before ... *coughs*

Date: 2013-12-03 06:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
For a while more ;) Alex is not hasty coming forth with his real agenda. It's all or nothing. Why else bother oneself with making agendas... :D

And Jude is blinded by lurve.... practically sparkling :)

Date: 2013-12-07 04:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Jude has it so bad. But Alex is sexy as hell, so how can you blame him? ;)

I love how Alex got the upperhand on that jerkface barista.

I also love how Jude googled Alex.

Date: 2013-12-09 08:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Jude is a lost case here. Alex came into his life at just the right moment.

Alex paid back that jerk all right. Dignity all his.


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