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Title: A Chance Well Taken © 2013
Part: 6/?
Pairing(s): Jude Law/Alex Law (Ewan McGregor)
Fandoms: Breaking and Entering/ Shallow Grave
Type: RPS, AU, Crossover
Rating: PG - NC-17
Genre: * Drama * Hurt/Comfort *
Warnings: * Adult Content *
Summary: A promising architect finds it difficult to emotionally connect with people after his marriage failed. Then he meets someone from the lowest parts of society and the outcome of that meeting is quite unexpected.
Author’s note:

Ewan's character is Alex Law, a journalist in 'Shallow Grave' from 1994. Alex speaks traditional Scottish in this story, so brace yourself.

The musical part of Alex’s background is borrowed from "Doggin’ Around", also from 1994.

Jude played an architect in 'Breaking and Entering', from 2006. I'm just borrowing the set and parts of the story for his character.

>> SPOILERS? Oh yes... All over the place and in every nook and cranny as well. No way to escape knowing the dramatic climatic end nor the plot of the movies involved in this story. <<

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Inside Jude’s bedroom, everything was dusky and quiet. Jude needed to see Alex and lit the bedside lamps. Then he came back and Alex stood patiently waiting for him. He peeled off Alex’s clothes and finally, his hands were allowed to wander freely all over his body.

“God, I want you so much, Alex,” Jude whispered and grabbed him between the legs. Alex’s cock was hard, and just the right size. Jude squeezed him and Alex’s head fell back with a long moan. Pushing up the foreskin, Jude slowly jacked him off. “What do you like?” he asked the Scot.

“Bottomin' frae th' top,” Alex told him. Jude let go and pulled him along to the bed where he sat down on the edge. Sinking to his knees, Alex unbuttoned Jude’s shirt. They stared into each other’s eyes and Alex kissed him, as he undid the last button. Jude grabbed his hair; that long silky red hair and slipped his tongue into Alex’s mouth. Alex moaned with a laboured breath and slid his palms over Jude’s stomach, his flanks, and ribcage.

“Wanna suck ye,” Alex said and began to open Jude’s pants.

“Please,” Jude agreed, and fell back on the bed and lifted his hips to better ease off his clothes.

“Want yer cock,” Alex clarified as he untied Jude’s shoes and pulled off everything until he was all naked. “Sit up,” he asked, and Jude did.

“Spreid yer legs,” Alex asked and when Jude did, he shimmied closer still on his knees. Putting his hands on Jude’s thighs, Alex smiled lazily while rubbing gently all over the hairs. “Soft,” he said and put his chin on top of Jude’s right thigh. Jude’s hands went to Alex’s hair again.

“Silk,” Jude muttered and caressed the back of Alex’s skull.

Alex took hold of Jude’s cock, and Jude gasped from the sensation in his groin.

“Poetry,” Alex said darkly.

“Uh yes,” Jude moaned.

“Mmmmm,” Alex hummed even louder sucking Jude’s cock back and forth into his mouth.

Jude got goosebumps all over his body when the heat of Alex’s mouth surrounded his cock. His hands reached down to touch Alex’s face and under his chin, caressing him and feeling his throat work to take him deeper in. God it was heaven. Suddenly, he remembered, “I-I honestly don't know if I have condoms.”

Looking positively incredulous, Alex pulled back from the blowjob and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. “Yoo’d better, Dave... Efter aw thes wooin' fer days, ye dornt have dubbies?”

“David?” Jude asked resting on his elbows. “Why do you call me Dave?” That came completely out of nowhere.

“That’s yer nam, reit? David Jude Law.”

“Yeees, but how do you know that?” Jude asked.

Alex waited a few moments before he answered vaguely, “Ye friended me oan Facebook. Coods teel frae yer profile.”

Jude laughed. “Wow. I could have sworn you didn’t have time to check your homepage.”

“Ah dornt - normally. But Ah got th’ chance earlier the-day when Ah got mah lap back.”

“Alexander Law. Investigating journalist. Bass player,” Jude said.

“Alex Law. Also th’ prood owner ay dubbies,” Alex smirked. Then he laughed and twisted to grab his pants. Pulling out a strip of condoms and a small tube of lube, he quickly sat up straight again and looked expectantly at Jude. “Dae ye wanna prep mah erse ur shaa Ah dae it myself?”

Jude hesitated a few seconds. Did Alex ask those guys that question, too?

Alex rolled his eyes. “Ah can teel whit yoo’re thinkin'. An' nae. Ah prep myself when I’m wi' strangers.”

“So I’m no stranger?” Jude asked sitting up so he could be closer to him. “You don't mind my eager little fingers up your arse?”

“I’m lookin' forward tae it. An' fur whit it’s worth; yoo’re nae stranger Jude. Ah e'en saw ye oan telly ance. When ye were interviewed abit 'at squaur in Elstree ye built. Ah liked yer face e'en back 'en. Remembered yer nam.”

Jude frowned. “Why didn’t you say so? You seem to know a lot about me.”

“Ah was oan th' job. Was mah job tae check random interestin' fowk. Or fowk Ah foond interestin'.” Alex looked so serious, and Jude wondered what he was thinking about.

Shrugging, Alex said, “T’was jist anither nam ah jist happened tae remember. Naethin' spectacular abit it, but Ah did fin' ye interestin'. An' yer nam - which is like mine. Lots ay fowk hae 'at surnam.”

“Still, I kind of like we have the same last name,” Jude mused.

“Ah bit ye dae,” Alex said quietly and stood up from the floor.

“Well, I do want to prep you. Sit on my lap, Alex,” Jude said.

“Aw reit, Mr. Law,” Alex said and got comfortable on top of Jude.

“You’ve got the best fucking arse, Mr. Law,” Jude said and squeezed Alex’s small buttocks. Then he got down to business.

“Here we go, Alex,” Jude said with a little smile, when Alex eagerly put an arm around his neck whilst leaning in for a quick kiss.

Squeezing out some lube, Jude rubbed his fingers down Alex’s crack and straight to his hole. The Scot moaned appreciatively and gyrated his hips subtly.

Jude smiled against his lips. “Can’t fucking wait, Alex. It’s been so long for me.”

“It’s always bin lang,” Alex said and took over Jude’s mouth shutting up his thought process for a while.


Alex loved a dick in his mouth. He loved the weight, the scent of pheromones, the smoothness and flexibility of the skin. The salty precome always made him produce mouth water that ran down his chin in the sluttiest way. However, he hadn’t experienced that in quite a while. Not since Edinburgh. Still to this day, he couldn’t believe he actually blew that prick David. The psychotic wanker stuck a bloody knife in his shoulder! He’d have killed Alex, too, if Juliet hadn’t killed David first. Okay, that Juliet afterwards had hammered the knife deeper into his shoulder using her shoe wasn’t really nice, but hey... Alex got the fucking money. Some roommates, huh?

Where that money was now, he had no idea. He hoped it was still in the flat in Edinburgh under the floorboards, only Alex didn’t rent that flat anymore. All he could hope for was that the present tenants never discovered them. Someday, Alex would figure out how to get access to the flat and retrieve that money.

Alex didn’t want other people to prep him. Firstly, he wanted to be sure it was done sufficiently, and secondly, he really didn’t want random guys sticking their fingers inside him. Usually, they had no fucking clue what they were doing anyway.

Jude was different. Jude was lovely, and his fingers felt incredible in his arse. Close to enamoured, Alex sighed. “So guid.” He moaned pushing his tongue into Jude’s mouth as they kissed open-mouthed and wetly. Alex’s tongue twirled lazily around Jude’s until Jude took control of the kiss. The rasp of stubbles turned Alex on fiercely.

“Got to... got tae fuck ye ur I’ll explode an' there won’t be much left ay me,” Alex gasped as they parted for air. He inhaled sharply, when Jude removed his fingers.

“All right?” Jude asked quickly.

“Yeah. It’s bonnie,” Alex said, his body flared with arousal, high strung with anticipation. “Dubbies – now! Jude!”

“I’m putting one on now. Calm down, baby,” Jude chuckled as he reached for one of the condoms next to them, but Alex didn’t care if Jude found it funny. He was achingly hard, well-lubed, and he just wanted Jude’s dick inside him already.

Jude stopped and Alex looked at him with wide eyes. Then he laughed and wriggled his hips.

“In! In! Inside me now,” Alex panted, and when he felt Jude push into him, he took a deep breath and moaned out loud. "Jesus. Yes,” Alex grunted.

Slowly, Jude pulled Alex’s hips forward, making him feel his cock slide into him before bringing him back against his groin. Alex gritted his teeth in a growl.

His breath came out labouredly hanging on to Jude’s neck. He thrust down onto Jude’s cock every time Jude pushed up into him.

“Roll onto your stomach and tug your knees up,” Jude asked and Alex immediately did. Jude caressed the round globes of Alex’s shapely arse and smiled with anticipation. He then grabbed on to Alex’s hips before he pushed forward and slipped inside his body again.

Alex arched his back and swayed slowly. “Ah can tak' more. Gang deeper, Jude.”

Jude thrust back and forth in small motions before he pushed some more.

Alex hissed. It did burn a little but it was the good kind of burn. The sensation of a cock move inside him, always astounded Alex. He never seemed to quite recall what it felt like until the next time he had sex. He couldn’t put his finger on why it felt different with Jude. Maybe it was because he wasn’t fucked to get something in return. Smiling through his pleasure, Alex nuzzled his cheek against the sheet. Yeah, that was exactly it. They were having sex because they liked each other. Jude was his boyfriend now and the happy image of the two of them made him moan pleased. More moans followed as Alex worked vigorously to match Jude’s rhythm.

Jude put his arms around him and pulled Alex up flush against his body. As he continued to fuck him, he also took his time jacking off the Scott. Alex babbled his pleasure aloud in nonsense. Laughing, Jude nibbled Alex’s earlobe.

“Ur we comin'?” Alex gasped.

“It’s very close,” Jude replied eagerly.

“Reit. Reit,” Alex agreed and fell forward again. Jude stopped moving and concentrated on making Alex come first. Just two tugs and the Scot cried out in bliss.

Shortly after, Jude took up getting himself off, and determined he got back into the rhythm. Alex groaned and hissed because Jude didn’t fuck him as deeply as he had prior. He was deliberately rubbing his cockhead against Alex’s prostate instead.

“Jude!” Alex cried. “It’s tay much!” He was so sensitive now after coming. “Ur ye done, like?”

Jude didn’t say anything at first, but then he sped up and came moments later. “Noooow I am,” he groaned.

Alex was dripping with sweat. His own as well as Jude’s. When his lover dropped down on the bed, Alex rolled away and lay panting next to Jude.

“What?” Jude asked with a grin.

“Yoo’re dreich.”

“I’m wet?! Oh... are you implying I’m disgusting?” Jude asked with a raised eyebrow and smiled with fake hurt.

Alex let his eyes roam down Jude’s naked body. Sweat drops made the light golden skin glisten. Alex felt a tug in his groin. No, Jude was definitely not disgusting. “Nae. Eh'd teel it tae yer face if ye were. Yoo’re a dreich dream. Literally, Jude.” Inching closer, Alex put his hand on Jude’s neck and looked him in the eyes. “Can Ah bide?”

Jude nodded slowly. “Yes. I want you to stay. I want you to not leave. Do you understand the difference?”

“I’m nae glaikit...” Alex defended himself.

“Right now, you are,” Jude interrupted calmly. “I don't think you really understand the difference. I haven’t put a sell-by-date on this arrangement.”

“Coz ye want me as yer boyfriend.”

“I do want that.” Jude leaned closer to kiss Alex, but the Scot turned his face.

“Will ye pit a rin' oan mah finger?” Alex asked darkly.

Jude laughed and Alex frowned even more and added, “Heh! Mebbe Ah want a rin'!”

“Sorry!” Jude dropped on top of Alex, caught his wrists, and kept them above his head. Alex closed his eyes a few seconds but then he willingly spread his thighs and let Jude settle between his legs.

“I’d love to give you a ring, baby,” Jude said reassuringly.

“An' dornt call me baby,” Alex said.

“You don't like that?”

“Nae, fancy ‘at! I’m nae a lassie,” Alex said, though in his head, he remembered vividly all the times he’d played dress up with Juliet. No need to tell Jude that occasionally Alex liked wearing a dress and put pretty earrings in his earlobes. Jude might be bi, but it didn’t mean he liked seeing Alex in a dress. Squinting his eyes, Alex held that thought.

“What...?” Jude asked as he bent down and nibbled at Alex’s lip.

“If we’re nae gonna shag again gie aff me,” Alex said getting back to the point.

“I’m going to fall asleep on you.”

“Righto,” Alex said.

“Okay,” Jude agreed and got even more comfy.

“Yoo’re heavy,” Alex whispered.

“Tough. I’m way too comfortable,” Jude murmured, rearranging himself so he wasn’t crushing Alex but still kept a hand on his stomach.

“Ta,” Alex huffed sarcastically and stared at nothing for a while.

“Shagged heem efter all, dinnae ye?” Alex whispered to himself after he was certain Jude had fallen asleep. “Probably doesn’t make much ay a difference.” Alex smiled. “Guid ride ‘at one,” he said looking fondly at Jude and kissed the top of his lover's head. “Can still feel ye in me erse.” Alex laughed soundlessly. “Fuck. I’d dae it again,” he promised himself.

Eventually, he let the fact that he wouldn’t have to leave in the morning slowly settle in his head. Drowsiness sneaked in on Alex, and a heavy feeling pulled him down. Sometime later, he fell asleep with his arms around Jude.


Date: 2013-12-13 06:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh wait, I think we got some key information with this chapter. Lemme clear my mind from the distraction (hmmmm!) and try to concentrate. *lol*

Date: 2013-12-14 01:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We got a glimpse of Alex's messy past - in between a lot of distractions yes ;)

More to come!

Date: 2013-12-15 04:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*melts in a puddle*

That was smoking hawt, sweetheart!

Date: 2013-12-15 08:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Pretty hot, huh? ;)



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