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Title: A Chance Well Taken © 2013
Part: 7/?
Pairing(s): Jude Law/Alex Law (Ewan McGregor)
Fandoms: Breaking and Entering/ Shallow Grave
Type: RPS, AU, Crossover
Rating: PG - NC-17
Genre: * Drama * Hurt/Comfort *
Warnings: * Adult Content * Sibling Incest
Summary: A promising architect finds it difficult to emotionally connect with people after his marriage failed. Then he meets someone from the lowest parts of society and the outcome of that meeting is quite unexpected.
Author’s note:

Ewan's character is Alex Law, a journalist in 'Shallow Grave' from 1994. Alex speaks traditional Scottish in this story, so brace yourself.

The musical part of Alex’s background is borrowed from "Doggin’ Around", also from 1994.

Jude played an architect in 'Breaking and Entering', from 2006. I'm just borrowing the set and parts of the story for his character.

>> SPOILERS? Oh yes... All over the place and in every nook and cranny as well. No way to escape knowing the dramatic climatic end nor the plot of the movies involved in this story. <<

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With a start, Jude woke up. Disorientated he felt a body next to his. Turning his head, Jude smiled broadly when he discovered Alex. Alex lay slightly on his side with his arm curled around his head. Turning as well, Jude reached out and touched the soft beard just under the Scot’s lower lip. “So soft,” he whispered. Using his knuckles, he ghosted across the beard on his chin and earned a little shudder from his lover. Alex pouted in his sleep and Jude leaned close and kissed his lips.

“I wonder if you’d like to come with me to work today,” Jude thought out loud.

"I kent it was ye next tae me," Alex murmured sleepily. "Donae gonnae-no toochin’ mah face."

Jude smiled delightedly. "Yeah?" He took up caressing Alex’s beard again.

"Aye. I’d like ‘at."

"Wanna come with me to work today? You can bring your laptop if you'd like."

"Eh'd like 'at, yeah," Alex said and sighed deeply with a cheeky grin on his handsome face. Then he opened his eyes and took in Jude who lay close to him.

"Cheers... fur everythin', ye kin..."

Jude smiled. "I like you mushy..." He let his hands wander down Alex’s body. "Wanna shag?" he asked as he reached his destination between Alex’s legs.

"Is th’ pope catholic?" Alex laughed, as he eagerly trust into the tight vice.


The two lovers managed to get through the morning and get ready for work in time. Alex lent one of Jude's jumpers. After all, they were the same size.

In the car, they sat for a few minutes playing with each others' fingers, before Jude reluctantly let go of Alex and started the engine.

Alex had his head turned to the right and looked positively as smitten as Jude did when he looked at Alex. “I loove ye," Alex suddenly declared. "Joost sae ye ken. Ah always hae.” He took his eyes off Jude and gathered his hair in a ponytail.

With a moan, Jude forced himself to take his eyes off him. Closing his eyes, he took a shaky breath before he nodded. Then he taxied into traffic and headed for King's Cross.

"Let's buy some coffee?" Alex suggested.

"Sure. And some breakfast, too."

"Swallowin' yer come only satisfies fur a while," Alex joked.

Jude snorted. "Yeah. Depends on which end the injection..."

Cackling, Alex reached out and put his hand over Jude's mouth. "Both..."

Jude smirked. "You'd lick come out of my arse?"

"Eh'd suck ye aff wi' glee onie day..." Alex laughed again as he found a fag in his pocket and lit up.

"You can't smoke in the office, by the way..." Jude warned him.

"It is yoor office isnae it?"

"Yeah. And I made the rule that nobody is allowed to smoke in the office."

"Fuck ye," Alex said with warmth. "Doesnae matter. Mah boyfriend gae me thes stoat jaekit." Alex grinned. "I can jist step ootwith an' puff mah heed aff."

"All day, I suppose."

"Righto. Aw day. Since yoo're nae payin' me tae spend mah precioos time in yer office."

Jude snorted. "You didn't have to come, you know..."

"Ah did hae tae. Ah shoods start writin' again."

"Yeah. It'll be good for you. Are you still on the payroll. I mean..."

"Ah left th' newspepper but wasnae fired. Ah took some time aff tae wark oan mah story, but nae... they're nae payin' me. But aam still wi’ th’ pepper."

"So that's why you have no money?"

Alex just nodded and then pointed to the left. "Stop here! Sainsbury..." he cried out when he saw the shop.

Jude miraculously found a parking space close by, and they both went into the store.

"Pick whatever you like. You can pick lunch, too," Jude said and picked up a shopping basket.

Alex stepped closer and breathed into Jude's ear. "Ah wanna suck ye aff sae bad fur lunch," he purred.

Jude pushed him away. "Daft tosser," but he sent a smile Alex’s way. Nevertheless, he dropped some condoms in their basket just to be on the safe side.

A few minutes later, they were ready to pay.

A young orange turbaned Sikh working the register greeted them with a knowing smile. "Twins, eh? I've never seen twins in here."

Jude laughed and looked briefly at Alex. "No, we're not..." With a slightly confused smile, he added, "How do you mean?"

"Just brothers then? Could have sworn you were twins. You look like twins," he droned on as he rung up their purchases. "3,49."

Jude had stopped smiling and darted another quick look at Alex, but his boyfriend didn't look back at him. Jude received a plastic bag along with his change, where after they quietly left the store.

"That was a weird experience," Jude said almost accusingly. "Do we really look identical? Would people consider us related?"

"Huvnae noticed a similarity myself," Alex responded vaguely.

"But twins, Alex!" Jude looked at the Scot who was still avoiding Jude's eyes. "We're not related at all, right?"

"Jude..." Alex said and looked seriously at Jude.

"Let's get into the car. We're getting late," Jude cut him off hotly.

Alex just nodded and got into the passenger seat.

"Can you drive? I mean. Do you have a license?" Jude asked distressed.

"Yeah, sure. Want me tae drife?" Alex offered.

"Please do," Jude said and Alex stepped out of the car. They exchanged seats and Alex took them the rest of the way to the office.

"Somethin' wrang, like?" Alex asked carefully.

"Not now. Later, Alexander, okay?" Jude implored.

"Of coorse," Alex said, already mentally preparing himself to get kicked out of Jude's life.

Shortly after, they were there and simultaneously, they stepped out of the car as soon as the engine stopped.

"Nae offence, but thes place still gi'es me th' creeps.," Alex said.

"All right? Alex?" Jude asked and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

Alex stopped darting his eyes around and nodded. "Auld habits die stoaner. Used tae keepin' mah heed doon in thes part ay toon.”

"Did you ever think about going back to Scotland?"

"Nae... nae at th' moment at leest. There ur some things Ah still need tae tak' caur ay here an' 'en Ah hae some unfinished business in Edinburgh."

"I could go with you?" Jude offered.

Surprised, Alex looked at Jude. Perhaps he'd written off their relationship a tad too quickly. He shook his head quickly. "Nae that's aw reit. 'at eh'd better dae oan mah own."

"Well, if you change your mind..." Jude offered. "Don't forget your laptop," he then remembered and, when Alex had secured it in his arm, he locked the car.

Jude stood in front of the door and Alex was right behind him. Of course, he recognised the office. Only today, there were people inside that he didn't know and who would demand an explanation why he suddenly showed up.

"Woods ye min' takin' caur ay th' why's an' when's, Jude?" Alex asked.

"Sure." Jude smiled, they exchanged a small kiss, and then they entered the building.


"Good morning," Jude greeted the crew already busy working.

"Hey Jude," a man with a full beard said and came over. "Who's that?" he asked with a curious expression on his face. "Family?" the next question followed and then he stood stock-still.

"Shite," Alex murmured under his breath. He recognised that guy. He'd sucked him off a few weeks ago when he needed a place to stay. The guy was completely straight but very few men could refuse a blowjob.

"No... we're not related," Jude said almost vehemently.

"Uh... the way you stand together like that, I just thought you looked like... well twins, really," the man finally stammered.

"We're not twins. Don't you think I might have mentioned it if I had a twin stashed away somewhere?" Jude said, pressed a palm to his face a few moments, and then turned to go to his desk. "Everybody meet Alex. Alex meet everybody. Alex'll be working on his own stuff here but he’s not employed." He looked at each face of the people present.

"Boyfriend?" the bearded bloke asked clearly confused; a facial expression shared with the rest of the crew in the office.

"Sure. Wa nae? Ah coods pass as his boyfriend if it makes ye feel better," Alex said and went to lean against Jude's desk. "Whaur can Ah sit, like?"

Stunned Jude pointed, "Use the desk next to mine. I'll clear it for you."

"I know you," the man said not leaving the subject alone.

"So?" Alex replied.

"Bollocks, Sandy," Jude said with a warning. "It doesn't matter if you know him; just leave the subject the fuck alone."

"Of course, I should just warn you that..."

"He's knows I’ve shagged other fowk, Sandy. Diz 'at satisfy everybody who thooght it was their business?" Alex asked bitingly.

"That sure cleared the air, I should think," somebody else said and the tension finally lessened.

"Look. Aam a joornalist workin' oan some mince 'at takes ye bad places. Ah dornt need yer guff, tay," Alex said.

"Well put," Sandy said, and finally it looked like he was dropping the subject.

"I thought you wanted me to do the who's and why's," Jude said with a little smirk.

Alex smiled. "There's a wee drama queen in aw ay us," he said. Then he put his lap on the desk and gathered a few bunches of papers and put them as far away on the desk as possible. After hooking up, he booted the lap and was soon connecting to the wireless internet.

Putting his fingers on the keyboard was strange. The last time he'd written anything had been a while ago - ever since he'd let the story lose track of reality and drag him down. He looked up and found Jude looking back at him.

Jude startled when he realised he'd been staring off into space in Alex’s direction. They both smiled and then Jude concentrated on his own thing, and Alex logged into the newspaper. He was surprised his access was still valid. After all, it had been almost six months since he last made some kind of contribution.

It was a huge encouragement and immediately, he flung himself into writing. At first, just to put words and feelings down, but afterwards to put some structure to all the things he'd experienced living the way he had.

The daily toil to stay out of trouble...Keeping warm at night...I never expected to be saved by a stranger. But I was... Alex looked up and noticed how engrossed Jude was with his work. An hour had suddenly passed by and Alex was not even half through his article. The more he wrote, the more details seemed to push at him, wanting to be written down as well. Eventually, he'd have to choose what to put into the story. Right now, it felt important just to get everything written down. Then he could pick the best approach to present what had happened to him while living as a homeless.

A sudden commotion made Alex look up. Jude and a few of the other architects got up and went to a model scale of the project they were working on.

"Hello... again..." Sandy approached Alex. "We got off on a wrong foot. Sorry about that."

"Let's jist keep thes atween us. Can ye handle 'at?" Alex said.

"Yes. Of course."

"Oooh..." Alex suddenly caught the subtext there. "Ne'er. Aam wi' Jude, like. Ah dornt fuck other fowk when aam in a relationship. Hoo is 'at workin' fur ye... Sandy?"

Sandy looked shocked for a moment. "I'm single, thank you very much."

"’at doesnae seem tae impress ye when other fowk arenae.."

"I wasn't..."

"Och aye, ye were," Alex interrupted him, "that's exactly where ye were headin’."

"Sandy? If you're not overly busy...?" Jude called.

Alex got up and went outside to have a smoke. "Fuck... Really!?" Incredulous, he flicked ashes to the ground and puffed angrily at his fag as he leaned against the wall.

"What's going on?" Jude asked when he came out.

"’at...Sandy person propositioned me," Alex blurted out.

"What?" Jude said. "Sandy?"

"Aye. Sandy."

"Really... c'mon. He's in love with one from the cleaning staff..."

"Ah shagged heem a couple weeks ago. He’s jist a regular straecht bloke who doesnae caur who sucks his dick. He lit me bide... that's aw he was tae me, like. Wha’ diz he hink Ah am? Tae ask for a shag like I was a whoor'? Christ..."

Jude nodded. "I'll fucking kill him."

"Nae, Jude! He jist doesnae know Ah did it fur a place tae bide. Ah dornt dae it fur th' dosh sae he cannae buy a fuck frae me flashing a wad of cash. Aam nae a whoor."

"True, but it's still rather offensive to me that he treats you like one. I'm pissed off, and I want to kick his face into the shape of an Easter Island Maoi statue."

Alex leaned away from the wall and slowly pulled the fag from his lips. "Really? Yoo'd make heem intae art fur me, like?"

Jude smiled croockedly. "Yeah. Deffo. I'd squash him into pulp you can publish your article on."

"That's... that's th' confession frae someain hopelessly in love, Jude."

"That only happens... like... once every other week for me. It calls for a celebration," Jude said with a smile.

“Stoooat! Ye brin’ th’ wine an’ I’ll brin’ th’ haggis,” Alex threatened half-heartedly with a big laugh.

"I actually like haggis..." Jude said.

"Really?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, really really."

They laughed and Jude stepped into Alex’s personal space and put his arms around him. Leaning closer their lips met. Alex parted his and Jude slipped his tongue into his warm mouth.

Moaning, Alex joined in and they gave their co-workers an example of the chemistry between two people in love.

Slowly, Jude released Alex’s lips. "We should discuss the other matter later, though."

"Whit other matter?" Alex asked drunk with hormones.

"Come on, Alex..." Jude implored softly, "...that several people have asked if we're related... twins even."

"Oh tha’..." Alex nodded. "Ah mentioned 'at in mah article."

Jude turned his face and looked down the alley. "Okay. I'll read your article."

"Nae until it's finished," Alex said.

"I'm not gonna wait until it's finished, you daft little cunt," Jude said and sent him a warning look.

Alex lifted his hand and, with a finger, turned Jude's face back to the first position.

"Now? Here?" Alex asked.

"No. I suppose not."

"Bide til efter we've fucked. Th' blow is aye more tolerable efter a hard ride."

Jude snorted. "Yeah, right. And nice pun by the way."


"Don’t come yet..." Jude gasped to get back his breath and slowed down fractionally. Alex was lying under him on his back giving as hard as he got. Grinning, Jude got on his knees and gathered Alex’s hips in his hands. Alex crossed his legs behind Jude and they hugged fiercely.

"C'mon! Fuck me, Jude," Alex hissed and Jude snapped his hips forward repeatedly again. Alex cried out and threw his head back. His body shuddered trying to bend up in the narrow space between their bodies. "Christ, Jude!" he moaned, curling his toes. "Oooooh, so guid..."

"Alex... Alexander," Jude said. "So good. B-brilliant." Two more thrusts, and he came pulling Alex bruisingly closer.

Alex cried out in pain and Jude burst out laughing but eased the tight grip.

"Oh god," Alex gasped and laughed, too. "A shag wi' ye is incredible. Ah huvnae gotten it better... ever."

"You're just humouring me," Jude smirked pleased.

Alex smiled surprisingly softly at him. "Nae. Ah really mean it. Aam in loove wi' ye. 'at in itself makes sex different. I’ve ne'er bin in loove afair.”

Jude brushed Alex’s hair away from his forehead. "Never?"

"Nae. I've had some fucked up relationships but Ah was ne'er in loove wi' them like Ah am wi' ye."

"And loving me makes sex better?" Jude clarified.

"Shooldnae it?"

"Never worked for me. I loved my ex-wife but it didn't stop me from sleeping with a stranger when I was miserable."

"Wow... Cheers fur tellin' me,” Alex said dryly and motioned to Jude to disengage.

Jude stayed right where he was and responded, "I'm just telling you how it is. I'm in love with you, too. I have no intentions of sleeping around. But we have to talk about stuff. All the stuff. I can't tolerate any sneaking around sore subjects to try and prevent the hurt later on. I want everything out in the open."

"Fine," Alex said, all mischief put aside. "Aam yer brother. How’s about 'at fur an opener?"

Jude dropped his jaw as shock spread across his face. Automatically, he disengaged from Alex, as his cock grew soft in seconds. Finally, he asked shakily, "It's a joke?"

"Aam deid serioos," Alex said and his eyes didn't waver one bit from Jude's.

"How long have you known," Jude asked.

"Ah always knew Ah hud a brother. Ah wanted tae see whit ye were like. Sae Ah kept mah eye oan ye fur a couple ay weeks efter Ah foond ye oan Facebook."

Jude just stared at him and then he pulled away. "And you knew this when we shagged the first time already. All this time you knew?" Jude said. "Jesus bloody buggering Christ, Alex! What's the matter with you?"

Alex slowly got out of bed and stood. "Didne exactly plan oan fallin' in loove wi' ye, Jude."

"Maybe. But you knew! That's the fucking point. You could have backed away when I got interested in you... oh, for Christ's sake. We shagged, Alex!"

"You were interested frae th’ get go. I didne hae any time tae figure out when tae back aff, Jude!" Alex went to the bathroom with Jude following him. Quickly, he tore off some toilet paper and wiped his stomach and arse. Flushing the dirty paper in the toilet, he returned to the bedroom and began dressing.

"Don't you fucking leave, Alex!"

Turning, Alex looked at him. "Ah dornt really know when Ah shoods hae tauld ye."

"From the start! When else?" Jude said exasperated even though Alex had pointed out it hadn't been possible. The chemistry between them had thrown them together brutally and tempestuously.

Alex laughed dryly. "Righto. Woods ye hae believed me in th' state Ah was? Had Ah bin ye, eh'd thooght 'that bloke is jist tryin' tae gie somethin' out ay thes’.”

"People are pointing out that we look alike, Alex. And I didn't exactly deny it when you joked about us being lovers!"!"

"Yeah. Ye did, didne ye. Shoodnae hae left 'at part ay th' who's an' why's tae ye efter aw," Alex said and finished dressing. "See ye aroond, like - ur nae. I’ll pick up mah bass at yer office an' I’ll be out ay yer hair ‘en."

"Oh, for God's fucking sake, Alex!" Jude stepped in his way and pushed Alex towards the bed. Alex lost his balance and Jude pushed him again so that he fell back on the bed on his back. Quickly, Jude climbed on top of him and sat there staring intensely at the apprehensive Scot.

"Don't you fucking dare to leave, Alex. We're not done."

Alex just closed his eyes a few seconds and waited with a racing heart. "Jist dornt burst me, okay?"

"I'm not gonna hit you, Alex!" Jude said and wiped his eyes. "Talk!"

Alex bit his lower lip and tried to find a focus point anywhere else but Jude's angry face. He was shaking with adrenaline but tried to collect himself to be able to control his voice.

"A-ah cam tae London tae research mah story. Th' whole homeless thin'. But mebbe Ah also wanted tae fin' ye, Jude. Ah kent yer nam was Law. Had tae be. We hae th' same dad, an' he was merrit tae mah mum fur a couple ay months afair they split up. He kent she was expectin' me but still they split up afair Ah was born. 'en he mit yer mum an' obvioosly they got aff better coz they're still merrit, reit?"

Jude nodded with a frown of concentration on his forehead.

"They didnae split up exactly enemies sae they kept in contact fur a few years but we lost contact an' Ah havnae see my dad since Ah was fife years auld. But Ah did ken Ah had a yoonger brother named David in London.” Their eyes met. “You. Ah jist ne'er saw ye.

'the fact remains 'at, as Ah stuck aroond London longer than planned, Ah suddenly decided 'at Ah did want tae see ye an' when Ah foond ye, Ah hoped we coods be friends. Ah cooldnae jist barge intae yer life expectin' everythin' tae be hunky dory. But as Ah planned how tae approach ye, Ah... realised 'at brotherly feelings werenae exactly how Ah felt abit ye as Ah watched ye stayin' ower in th' office nicht efter nicht."

Jude looked less angry but he didn't look convinced either. "I can understand that but you still let me..."

"Ah didne caur we're related, Jude! I’ve only seen ye as an adult. Ye coods be anybody an' eh'd still fin' ye attractife. Ye turned me on th' moment Ah saw ye. Yoo’re a hot lookin' bloke."

Jude wasn't going to let that cloud his opinion but he did feel flattered. "What did you do in Edinburgh?"

"Ah was wi’ th’ Edinburgh News Pepper. Still am. Ah jist need tae finish mah story an' 'en hopefully aam back at wark."

"So you were planning on going back eventually? Leaving me."

"Nae permanently. Ah want tae bide wi' ye. A fat chance noo, ay coorse, but that's whit Ah wanted. Still want.”

Jude couldn’t help needling Alex. He felt he deserved some needling before he could forgive him. "So suddenly you thought it would be a great idea to become a homeless in London and left a great position in Edinburgh and..."

"Ah had reasons tae leave suddenly. An' Ah always wanted tae write 'at story sae it came in handy at th' time tae disappear."

Disappear. Jude didn’t like the sound of that. "What happened, Alex?"

Alex darted a look at Jude's naked body and then seemed to resignate, cave in, and finally said, "Mah flatmates an' Ah got involved in some business. Some criminal activity 'at sort ay feel intae our laps. An' afair we kent it dragged us intae it sae we turned oan each other. Ur raither they turned oan me."


"Thes bloke wanted tae rent th' foorth room in a flat Ah shared wi' two others. One nicht we foond heem dead in his room. We ne'er kent how he died but he had a lot ay..." Alex stopped almost snapping for breath.

"Cash?" Jude guessed logically.

"Yeah," Alex admitted. “It was sae dirty, Jude. We got rid ay th' body an' lied tae th' polis. We shoods jist hae tauld them he died but we panicked - an' th' doosh clooded uir judgement."

"The money?"

"Millons of pounds."

Jude gasped. "Fuck me," he then said dazed.

“But we cooldnae agree whit tae dae wi' aw ‘at cash. 'en things got ugly an' one ay them, David, tried tae kill me. He stuck a knife in my shoulder. He’d have finished the job if Juliit hadn’t prevented heem frae daein' it an' killed David jist in time. However, she screwed me ower an' hammered 'at knife e'en further intae mah shoolder an' stole th' suitcase wi' th' dosh.”

Jude exhaled. "Fuck... fuck..."

"But th' suitcase was full ay news peppers. When Ah realised Ah cooldnae troost them, Ah exchanged aw those pounds fur pepper..."

"What? Are you for real? This sounds like a bad thriller," Jude almost cried.

"Lit me clarify, Jude. David stapled me tae th' scullery fluir wi' a scullery knife he stuck through mah shoolder. He was gonnae kill me if Juliit hadnae intervened an' killed heem. 'en she took aff her shooe an' hammered th' knife deeper intae th' fluir! Can ye imagine th' pain it caused me? Th' terrur? Ah didne ken if she was gonnae kill me, tay, noo 'at Ah cooldnae move like a pinned insect? Ah was stuck tae th' fluir wi' a knife, Jude! 'The polis came ay coorse, coz David was killed an' th' whole rackit got th' nychburris’ attention. Juliit hud stabbed David. He was deid sae everythin' taken intae consideration, Ah hud nae trooble reactin' hysterically shocked. Ah was hysterically shocked." Alex looked at him with wild eyes as he clearly relived the events.

"Okay. Calm down, Alex," Jude said, as he bent forward and kissed him soundly on the mouth without thinking. Slowly, he realised what he was doing and sat up straight staring at Alex. "Then what?"

"Ye kissed me," Alex said.

"I shouldn't have. I..."

"But ye did nonetheless."

"Alexander," Jude said warningly.

"Aw reit. Braw. Ah hid th' bunsens in th' fluir, like. That’s wa Ah need tae gang back. It’s th' only reason Ah need tae gang back. Ah need tae gie back tae th' flat an' retrieve th' fuckin' bunsens."

"Bollocks," Jude whispered. "Do you still rent it?"

"Nae. Ah dornt hae onie bunsens until aam back wi' th' pepper, sae Ah lost th' flat when Ah stopped payin' th' rent. Hud Ah hud bunsens fur a train tickit, I’d gain back in time but Ah hud tae bide fur things tae calm doon, like. Someain else li'es thaur noo."

Alex gradually sat up and put his arms around Jude's naked body. "Yoo're cold, Jude."

Jude nodded and inclined his head for a kiss. Alex gladly gave it to him.

"Ah dornt caur we're related. Ah mean, Ah caur coz Ah loove ye, but Ah still want tae be wi' ye an' sleep wi' ye, Jude," Alex murmured against Jude's full lower lip.

Jude inhaled sharply and then exhaled carefully.

"Yeah. That's th’ truth."

Jude parted his lips and they made out for a few minutes. Pulling away, Jude smirked. "Wanna shag?"

Alex laughed but shook his head. "Nae. Nae noo. Tomorrow though, when we wake up, Ah expect some action wi' interests."

Snorting, Jude said, "You know, I don't mind bottoming... I don't expect you to bottom every time."

"Ah like bottomin', Jude, but Ah like toppin', tay. I’ll look forward tae top mah baby brother," Alex said.

Jude stared at him. "Fuck... it sounds so dirty, but I love it."

"Ur we cool wi' thes, Jude? th' whole..."

"No. Absolutely not, but I'll process that in my own tempo. You, I'm cool with. I love you, Alex. It's the secrecy that pisses me off. Mostly that my parents never let me know about your existence."

"If they hud, we'd gotten tae know each other as siblings an' we wooldnae hae... ye ken..."

"A strange thought now..." Jude said. Then he got up and went to shower. When he came back, he found Alex sitting nervously in the corner chair.

"We need to make plans. I'll see when I can get some days off and then we go to Edinburgh and get your money," Jude said as he put on some pyjamas bottoms.

"An' 'en whit?" Alex asked standing up. Jude came closer and pulled Alex into his arms.

"Then we continue... If you can handle that."

"If Ah can handle 'at?" Alex repeated and narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

"Just kidding, Alex," Jude assured him and leaned in for a kiss. Alex pulled away.

"We cannae jist start spendin' it, Jude,” Alex said, the same thing David had stated back then when Alex and Juliet had begun spending the money.

"I'm not going to spend it. It's your money, Alex," Jude said, "Well, sort of."

"Jude. We'll shere it, aw reit?"

"Maybe," Jude said.

"Let’s gie some sleep," Alex said and climbed under the covers. After turning the lights off, Jude followed to bed and turned his back at Alex. Alex wrapped his arms around him from behind and they sighed simultaneously as their bodies spooned.

"I'm glad you found me, Alexander," Jude said and hugged Alex’s arms.

"Me, tae," Alex replied.


Date: 2013-12-15 05:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow wow wow! Revelations are staggering. I thought it odd they shared a surname but I didn't think too much about it since Jude is English and Alex is Scottish.

Good stuff, my dear! Very engaging :)

Date: 2013-12-15 08:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I was so sure the same last name would have triggered my hardcore readers in a predictable direction, but it's nice to be able to surprise you ;)

I'm happy to engage you, sweetheart!

Date: 2013-12-15 10:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh!!! I didn't see that coming either, them being related I mean. But I sure like it :).

I'm wondering if Jude acting like he can handle the whole situation is for real or just wishful thinking on his part. He just tumbled over to the dark side of the law with this money business, fer Kraist sake.

Date: 2013-12-22 10:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Shakes head. You are a hard core reader, Nath, but it's nice knowing the hints strewn hither and dither were not enough. So a lovely surprise for you :) More to come veeeery soon.


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