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Title: A Chance Well Taken © 2013
Part: 8/?
Pairing(s): Jude Law/Alex Law (Ewan McGregor)
Fandoms: Breaking and Entering/ Shallow Grave
Type: RPS, AU, Crossover
Rating: PG - NC-17
Genre: * Drama * Hurt/Comfort *
Warnings: * Adult Content * Sibling incest *
Summary: A promising architect finds it difficult to emotionally connect with people after his marriage failed. Then he meets someone from the lowest parts of society and the outcome of that meeting is quite unexpected.
Author’s note:

Ewan's character is Alex Law, a journalist in 'Shallow Grave' from 1994. Alex speaks traditional Scottish in this story, so brace yourself.

The musical part of Alex’s background is borrowed from "Doggin’ Around", also from 1994.

Jude played an architect in 'Breaking and Entering', from 2006. I'm just borrowing the set and parts of the story for his character.

>> SPOILERS? Oh yes... All over the place and in every nook and cranny as well. No way to escape knowing the dramatic climatic end nor the plot of the movies involved in this story. <<

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Two days later, the pair went to Edinburgh in Jude's car. Jude had managed to free three days for their little project. If it took longer, Alex would have to continue for himself. Jude would pay all costs.

"Someone else lives there now?"

"Och aye. But it was a fuckin' stoat place. They’ll hae tae be loaded tae afford it oan their own. Mah bit is they still rent out th' rooms."

"So we pay them a visit, and ask if you can rent a room?"


"Maybe we should have checked that out before, Alex..."

"Already did. They’re lookin' fur flatmates."

Jude laughed a little. "Of course..."

"Mebbe mah bluid is still taintin' th' fluir," Alex mused dramatically.

"Get out," Jude said and pulled the key from the ignition. They both exited the car and went to the building. Looking up, Jude could tell it was one of those old holding luxury flats.

Alex pressed the intercom knob.


"Hello? Aam Alex Cameron. Aam haur fur th' room?"

"Oh. You wanna rent?" the voice sounded distinctly American.

"Yeah. Eh'd like tae hae a look if that’s convenient?"

"Sure, come on up."


The two got in when the buzzer sounded and quickly ascended the stairs.

"Man, I wouldn’t mind living in a building like this," Jude gushed when the beauty of the staircase unfolded before him. Stained glass towards the yard in between every landing, and every detail showed off the craftsman ship of the building that promised the same beauty.

"Ah really loov'd livin' here. Wooldnae min' returnin', Ah suppose," Alex said.

"Don't say that!" Jude said.

Alex grinned. "Ur ye out ay yer min’? There ur tay mony horrific memories combined tae thes place. But 'at doesn’t deduct frae th' fact 'at th' flats weres stoat."

When they reached the landing, the door to the flat stood ajar.

Jude knocked. "Hello?"

Some lanky bloke stood there a moment later. "Come in. I'm Floyd."

"Jude. Jude Cameron," Jude said and stepped inside.

"I'm Alex," Alex said and stuck out his hand.

"Oh right," Floyd said responding in kind. "Are you both looking for a room?"

"You have two available?" Jude asked.

"Yeah. She... - the last to rent one of the rooms - didn't pay the rent, so we had to... you know."

"Flin' 'er out?" Alex suggested.

Floyd nodded and looked very nerdy.

"I might be interested," Jude said, "but Alex is actually the one applying."

"Right. So uh... what do you do?"

Alex nodded and said, "Aam a frock designer. Jude’s a ballit dancer. Whit dae ye dae, Floyd?" Jude frowned, but Alex just kept a straight face. The information didn’t seem to faze Floyd one bit. Perhaps it was above his comprehension.

"I'm an engineer and Patrick’s an attorney. Juliet was a doctor... but that hardly matters."

Alex’s face turned paler. "Juliit? The burd ye threw out was named Juliit an' a doctur?"

"Yeah. She was here like a few months tops and then she stopped coming home. And stopped paying. Really left the place in a mess the psycho."

"Shite," Alex whispered and sought eye contact with Jude.

"What?" Floyd asked.

"Naethin'," Alex said and smiled as charmingly as he was capable of in that moment. "Ah intend tae actually bide ‘ere an' pay th' rent."

"You said you were making dresses?" Floyd then asked Alex who perked up.

"Aye. Jean Paul Gaultier. Bin oan his team fur fife years noo. Based in London."

"Wow. Does he let you make up whatever you want?"

"Sometimes. Mostly aam freelance." Jude sent him a warning look, but Alex ignored him with a blinding smile.

"Oh. Well, I don't suppose you could pay for three months up front?" Floyd said trying to put on his best poker face. “Gaultier probably pays you well?”

Ignoring that Alex said, "As a matter ay fact, Ah can. Jude?"

Jude smiled and came closer. "How much does the other bloke pay?"

Immediately, they could see Floyd thinking about it.

"And I want the contract in writing. Alex is not paying more than other flatmates, so don't get creative," Jude warned him.

"Pat doesn't really... have a contract," Floyd admitted.

"Well. Why don't you split the rent between all tennants? Wouldn’t that be the correct way of doing it?" Jude negotiated.

Floyd wavered again. "As of this moment, we're only two, right?"

"With Alex, you're three... right?" Jude replied.

"So you're not interested?"

"So you want two times three months up front?"

"Yeah..." Floyd responded unsure.

"What if he regrets? Where do you keep the money? Did this Juliet pay up front?" Jude asked. Alex looked adoringly at him.



"F-fine. One month up front."

"Then sign up the both of us," Jude said, and winked at Alex who stood with an amused smirk on his face.

“Were ye an attorney in yer former life, Judie?” he asked.

“Yes - with red horns spanking your lily white arse with a pink poker 24/7,” Jude said and pointed a finger warningly at him. Alex just chuckled and gathered his hair in an elastic.

"Don't you want to see the rooms?" Floyd asked perhaps a little overwhelmed that he'd gotten the rooms occupied already.

"A toor woods be braw," Alex said, and Floyd set into motion and showed them into the living room. Immediately, Alex’s eyes darted towards the kitchen and the floorboards there where he'd been attacked, but also where he'd hidden the money.

That's where it happened.

As Jude took in the beautiful spacious living room, Alex nonchalantly went to the open door way to the kitchen area. Quickly he could detect that the stain was all gone, but the panel...

Alex went to stand next to it, but there was no trace that it had been removed... but then again that's how Alex had left it as well. Spotless. He would have to believe that even though Juliet was a clever girl, she was not that clever. As far as she knew, David could also have been the one to exchange the money for paper. If she had the skills to find out - or have someone else find out about Alex’s financial position in the time that went after the attack - she'd know that he hadn't spent a pound he hadn't legally been paid by the paper.

"Alex? Wanna check out the room?" Jude interrupted Alex’s musings and he realised that he'd been staring at the floor for several moments.

"Sorry - spaced it, like," Alex said and came back into the living room to join them.

"This is your room," Jude said and entered a room that had in fact been Alex’s room when he lived in the flat.

"Nice. We’ll add uir ain furniture eventually. Jude needs them - shipped frae London. Th' beds’ll suffice till 'en."

"Oh. Of course," Floyd said.

"But this will do, too," Jude said.


"We'll move in now... why wait?" Jude said and smiled charmingly at Floyd.

"Cool. Then maybe..."

"Yeah, yeah. We'll pay right away."

As Floyd and Jude took care of the practical part of the first payment, Alex went back to the kitchen and took another look at the floor.

Checking to make sure Floyd was only paying attention to Jude, he then squatted and ran the tip of a finger along the panel. Using his fingernails, Alex lifted the panel carefully enough to have a quick look. He saw something down there and carefully, he let the panel slip back.

Alex got on his feet, went to the sink, and held on to the edge. His heart was thumping, racing his pulse sky high.

"All right?" Jude asked and touched his shoulder.

Alex started and nodded jerkily. "Jist got dizzy. Ah hink everything's aw reit, Jude."

"Okay..." Jude said knowingly but just smiled. "I've paid for the rooms. Let's get our stuff from the car."

"Key?" Alex asked, and Jude dangled two key chains in front of him. Floyd had gone to his own room and was nowhere to be seen.

"Ah hink I’ll gang tae mah room an' hae a lie doon. Hae a busy nicht in front ay us," he whispered to Jude.

"Don't do anything rash while I'm gone."

"Calm is mah middle nam," Alex said, as he headed for his room.

Jude snorted. "Yeah, right."


Lying on the bed, Alex curled his arms around his head and turned his back to the room. “Loove ye, Jude. Thes will change everythin'. We’ll be sae fuckin' canty. Fuckin' canty. Ah hae ye, an' finally mah life can gie back tae normal. Fuckin’ grateful Ah am.” In less than a minute, he was out cold.


Jude put the duvet around his lover's body. Alex was in deep sleep. Jude decided to pull off Alex’s shoes and let him sleep until evening. Floyd had mentioned something about a cooking schedule, but Jude said they'd wait to join until they'd settled. He'd buy the two of them some pizza later.

He was very tempted to crawl into bed with Alex, but if Floyd decided to barge in, it would be awkward and they really didn't need any focus on that aspect of their lives.

The door slammed, and Jude assumed that would be the fourth flatmate. Patrick.

"I rented the rooms out," he heard Floyd say.

"Yeah? Whit happened?"

Jude stepped out of Alex’s room. "We happened. Alex and I."

"Boy Alex ur lassie Alex?" Patrick asked.

"We're both very much boys," Jude said.

"Och. Guid. Coz th' lest lassie was a real bitch."

"So I've heard. However, we're not bitchy or birdy or anything animalistic. Trust me," Jude said and smiled very trustworthy at Patrick who smiled back.


"They paid up front," Floyd added.

"Oh, really? ‘at's e’en..." Patrick said, measuring his words.

"Greater?" Jude suggested.

"Yeah. Raither," Patrick said and then turned to grab milk from the fridge. "Yoo ken 'at Juliit lass was a wee psycho when she lived haur."

Jude assumed Patrick was talking to him, so he hummed encouragingly. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. Girnin' abit past flatmates aw th' time. Ah hink Floyd was scared ay 'er."

Jude perked up. "What did she say?"

Patrick turned around after wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "'at she'd bin cheated."

"Money?" Jude suggested a little breathlessly.

Patrick seemed taken by surprise. "Hoo did ye ken... Ah mean. Mebbe." He canted his hip and tried to pretend that was not the issue.

"Usually is."

Patrick got interested. "Aw reit. Weel, she claimed th' bunsens was hidden oan th' loft. She went ravin' radge searchin' 'at loft aw th' time she was biddin’ haur. Apparently, she ne'er foond th' 'loot' ur whatever, coz she left."

"And...?" Jude asked apprehensively.

"Weel, we looked, tay, but it seems like it main hae bin 'er imagination. If ye ask me..."

"I am asking you," Jude said.

"She was some bampot lass," Patrick stage whispered dramatically.

"Sounds like it from your vivid encounter.”

“I’m tellin' th' truth!” Patrick blurted.

“I can tell that you are,” Jude said smoothly. “So, Paddy... you actually never found any of the stuff she was looking for?"

"Nae," Patrick admitted.

"Some story..." Jude joked, but inside he felt immense relief as well as anxiety. He was aware of the fact that Patrick didn't necessarily speak the truth about this. The faster they could investigate the floor panel, the faster they'd get out of Edinburgh.

Then he concentrated on getting their stuff from the car and into the rooms while Alex slept.


"Alexander?" Jude sang softly in Alex’s ear. "Baby, wake up."

"Jude?" Alex murmured and smiled. "I'm wabbit."

"Serves you right when you sleep the afternoon away. I've got pizza."

"Wi' everythin'?"


Sitting up, Alex grinned and shuddered a little when the duvet fell from his shoulders.

“Need a jumper?” Jude asked and sat down next to Alex.

“Aye. Woods be braw, slainte. Can we eat haur?” Alex asked and snaked an arm around Jude’s neck.

“Sure. I’ll just get them,” Jude said.

“Wait...” Alex said and pulled Jude down. A second later, he had Jude's lips pressed against his. "Aam mad about ye," Alex said when they parted for a moment.


Alex pressed his hand against Jude's crotch and they both moaned and kissed fiercely. "Fuck... Jude. Want ye."

"Want you, too, but we should stick to the plan."

"Ah coods jist suck ye aff, reit?"

"Alex," Jude groaned as Alex massaged his growing hard on. "Maybe this isn’t the... uh... okay."

Alex slid down on the floor and Jude bent back, undid his fly, and pulled out his cock.

"Keep your voice down," Jude admonished him as he scooted forward to the edge of the bed. However, the second Alex’s warm mouth engulfed his dick; he barely managed to keep his own moans hushed.

Closing his eyes, Alex let Jude's flavour explode on his tongue. This was better than good. This was heaven.

Watching his lover's adoration as he sucked and licked all the right places rapidly bringing Jude to the brink. Alex had his hand down his own pants and was quickly stroking himself. As Jude felt that tingling sensation across the small of his back, his buttocks tensed.

"So close, Alex..." he warned.

"Guid," Alex said and took Jude down his throat.

"Huh..." Jude blurted and quickly bit his knuckles. "Shit, Alex..." he whispered and came hard.

Alex swallowed the load and continued to jerk off afterwards.

Jude smiled at the Scot's tenacity. "Lie on the bed, Alex,” he instructed after a few moments.

With a big grin, Alex did just that and Jude turned the other way around. Alex relaxed into the mattress when Jude slowly sucked him into his mouth. "Mah... God... Dornt chynge th' rhythm. Thes is perfect," Alex said. Closing his eyes, he began thrusting his hips subtly and Jude grunted appreciatively.

"Fuckin’ yer mouth, Jude," Alex said and stuck his fingers into Jude's short curls. "Beautiful mouth." Speeding up, he felt how Jude easily matched him and Alex couldn’t suppress a toe-curling moan.

Jude reached out and pinched Alex’s thigh.

“Aw...” Alex snickered.

A few moments later, the two got a shock when Floyd knocked on the door. “Um... are you all right?”

“Yeah. Perfect. Jist testin' th' mattress, like,” Alex yelled.

“All alone?” Floyd asked. Jude and Alex sent each other a ‘what the hell?’ look. Then Alex chuckled lowly.

“Jude’s creatin' th' disturbance – nae 'at it’s really onie ay yer business, mucker.”

Jude sat up with an amused expression on his face, but Alex crawled closer and wrapped his arms around him. “Jerk me aff.”

Jude kissed him soundly and immediately reached for Alex’s hard dick to begin the task in a fast tempo. Alex writhed as his orgasm approached and, when he hit climax, he barely kept from screaming.

“Jesus...” he gasped, “We’ve got tae gie back haem suin, Jude. Ah need tae express mah shaggin' self.”

Jude rolled his eyes and got up. “It’s true. I should fetch you a towel or something.”

“Ye shoods hae swallowed mah load...”

“However, I didn’t. Wait.”

Jude dressed and stepped out of the room. Floyd lurked nearby and he looked shocked seeing that Jude had actually been in the room with Alex.

“Oh, I... You should just have told me you guys were married. I did notice the same last name,” Floyd practically sulked.

“Aren’t you the liberal one?” Jude commented sarcastically. “Didn’t I mention that?” Jude then said but otherwise ignored him. He grabbed the pizzas and a roll of paper towel on the kitchen table before returning to Alex’s room.

“The idiot thought we’re married,” he said and put the pizzas on the bed. Quickly, he helped Alex clean up.

“Wa woods we want separate rooms if we’re merrit?” Alex asked but then he burst out laughing. Throwing the used paper on the floor, he then motioned at Jude with grabby hands to sit on the bed with him and, for a while, they did nothing but chewing their food.

“Junk scran an’ sex,” Alex said lazily as he stuffed the last slice of pizza into his mouth. “Forgot tae pit oan th' telly while we ate. Cheers fur daein' aw ay 'at, Jude.”

“You’re welcome,” Jude said with a smile.

“Fitba oan th’ telly?”

“Yeah. Find us a decent channel. I couldn’t be arsed to move right now,” Jude sighed content.

“Ah coods sit oan yer dick?” Alex suggested.

“Maybe later,” Jude grinned with half closed eyes.

Alex looked at him longingly for a few moments, before he concentrated on finding a football match in progress they both wanted to watch. Then he quickly returned to the bed where he put his head against Jude’s shoulder and snuggled. “When shoods we look at th' panel? I’m almost fidgetin' tae dae it noo.”

“They should be asleep before we even breathe on that panel.”

“Of coorse. We’ll hae tae bide till they’re gain tae bed, like.”

“Does it make any noise? Lifting the panel?”

“Nae. When Ah lifted it, thaur was nane,” Alex said slowly and put an arm around Jude’s torso as he closed his eyes.

“Sweet,” Jude mumbled. Pulling the loose elastic out of Alex’s hair, he then carded his fingers through the red strands. His lover breathed deeply, and Jude smiled knowing Alex would be asleep in a few seconds even though he’d slept the entire afternoon. Jude felt keenly how Alex was learning to relax and that he lacked a lot of mental sleep somehow. He’d not been able to relax to sleep for hours the past many months and, now that he didn’t have to fear anything during his sleep; he got lots of decent sleep. Jude could watch him for long periods, and just touch him knowing that Alex knew it was him and didn’t flinch or wake up during the caresses.

Alexander – his brother and lover. Jude smiled feeling happy and content. Then he narrowed his eyes and concentrated on staying awake. He found a movie and watched that until around 1am, when he heard the other two flat mates give away noises of going to bed. When the doors closed behind the other men, Jude perked up and gently roused Alex.

“Wake up,” he whispered, but Alex was in deep sleep. “Wake up, Alex,” Jude whispered again, as well as pinching Alex’s thigh.

“Aw...” Alex hissed in his sleep, but somehow he remembered there was something important to wake up to, and he opened his eyes wide up.

Jude chuckled. “Wake up, Alex,” he murmured gently. “We’re going treasure hunting.”

Alex sat up carefully and yawned. “Aw reit. Jist gie us a second.”

Jude slipped down from the mattress and stuck his head out of the door. Surveying the room beyond, he noticed the many beer bottles littering the coffee table. “Wonder what they’ve discussed all night,” he said quietly. Then he stepped back into Alex’s room. “Works to our advantage. They’ve been drinking tonight. They’re probably already asleep.”

“Guid,” Alex said still yawning as he put on a pair of Jude’s jeans. Running his fingers through his tussled hair, he got up. “Ah miss mah ain clothes. Mah ain jeans an' jumpers,” he said.

Jude nodded. “Yeah. We never got around shopping, did we?”

“Nae. We didn’t. Jude, let’s gie thes ower wi'. I’m startin' tae gie nervoos,” Alex said and dug through his backpack to grab a flashlight and a solid bag.

“Okay.” Quickly, Jude dressed in sweats and the two of them entered the kitchen room. Slowly, Alex neared the floor panel in question and kneeled down.

Taking the flashlight and bag from Alex, Jude squatted next to him and they exchanged a nervous look. A squeak was heard from one of the rooms, and Alex froze. They waited for more noise, but nothing else happened. Jude closed his eyes but then another squeak was heard, and Alex reached out and touched his shoulder. “Ah remember. Th' fluir boards used tae squeak randomly. Especially in 'at room.” He pointed towards one of the rooms. Jude’s room. Nothing to worry about.

Jude exhaled. “Fuck... almost got a heart attack,” he whispered.

Alex put a finger to his lips. They didn’t really need to talk unless it couldn’t be helped.

Okay. Thes is it, he thought. Then he fitted his fingernails along the side of the panel and lifted the entire slab. Once it left the floor, Jude helped supporting from underneath.

Carefully, they put it on the floor. Jude pointed the flashlight at the hole they’d produced, and they both saw something very promising down there.

Alex removed the contents from the panel and with shaking hands put the heavy wads on the floor one by one. Then Jude opened the bag and Alex put the money into it. Quietly, the panel was returned to the floor and the two got up. Jude switched off the flashlight and they went back to Alex’s room. Turning the key in the door, Alex came and joined Jude on the bed.

Pulling the first wad of money from the bag, Jude asked, “Do you recognise this?” He looked at Alex.

Alex nodded. “Jesus fuckin’ Christ.”

Jude broke the paper seal and, a second later, he sat with hundreds of £50 notes in his hands. “Shit. I... I have to admit I didn’t really believe it,” he whispered shocked.

Alex covered his mouth with both hands not knowing whether to faint or cry. “Jesus...” he finally said emotionally. “Ah was sae scared they weren’t gonna be thaur, Jude. Efter aw thes time hopin' I’d be able tae retrieve th' loot. Freakin' scared, Jude!” A nervous bout of laughter escaped him and he pressed his palms hard against his mouth.

“You don't know how much there is?”

“Millions, Jude. Millions,” Alex whimpered. “We need tae leave noo. Ah cannae stain it.”

“Pack your stuff,” Jude whispered and put the money back in the bag. Then he put half of it in Alex’s backpack. The other half he would carry because the money was heavy.

“Be fuckin’ whieest. Dornt say a wuid,” Alex warned him.

Jude and Alex spent a few minutes gathering their belongings. Since Jude had never put his stuff in his own room but kept it in Alex’s, it was pretty easy. When they were absolutely sure they had everything, they slipped out of the door. Jude left a note along with their keys explaining that a work emergency had come up preventing them from staying there after all, and wasn’t it a shame their money was wasted? Hopefully, their flatmates would just have a field day with the extra rent money and not miss them for one heart beat.

Once they sat in Jude’s car, they exploded with laughter and were finally able to release the pent up nerves.

Date: 2013-12-24 01:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Omg, are they going to get away with it that easily? So much money! I think they should suffer for it a little longer. I kinda liked all that sexual tension that got released with them having to snoop around and be careful. ;)

Date: 2014-01-15 09:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think they are going to get away with it. I mean, those flat mates were too dense to not let them succeed. And any other people who knew about the money are not aroudn anymore.

They should suffer though. You're right. But Alex has suffered quite a lot already, so I won't be too hard on him ;)

Date: 2013-12-25 03:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Whew! They made it! I had a bad feeling through the whole chapter that something was going to go horribly awry.

Love it :D

Date: 2014-01-15 09:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah... But I like uncomplicated once in a while ;)

This time they got away with it :D


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