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Title: A Chance Well Taken © 2013
Part: 9/?
Pairing(s): Jude Law/Alex Law (Ewan McGregor)
Fandoms: Breaking and Entering/ Shallow Grave
Type: RPS, AU, Crossover
Rating: PG - NC-17
Genre: * Drama * Hurt/Comfort *
Warnings: * Adult Content * Sibling incest *
Summary: A promising architect finds it difficult to emotionally connect with people after his marriage failed. Then he meets someone from the lowest parts of society and the outcome of that meeting is quite unexpected.
Author’s note:

Ewan's character is Alex Law, a journalist in 'Shallow Grave' from 1994. Alex speaks traditional Scottish in this story, so brace yourself.

The musical part of Alex’s background is borrowed from "Doggin’ Around", also from 1994.

Jude played an architect in 'Breaking and Entering', from 2006. I'm just borrowing the set and parts of the story for his character.

>> SPOILERS? Oh yes... All over the place and in every nook and cranny as well. No way to escape knowing the dramatic climatic end nor the plot of the movies involved in this story. <<

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They drove all night. Having rested better, Alex did most of the driving and Jude passed out in the passenger seat.

Early in the morning, they made a stop at a cafeteria outside of London to get some 'eat all you can' breakfast. Alex kept his backpack close. Jude was fine with having his on the seat next to him. They didn’t want to risk someone breaking into the car and steal the money so close to home.

"D'you want some more?" Jude asked getting half out of his chair.

"Sausages... an' eggs," Alex said. "Tomatoes... och, an’ mushrooms, like?"

Jude smiled. "Perhaps you could go fill up your plate yourself then?"

"Everythin'. Gezz a second helpin' ay everythin'."

"You’re pretty adamant on getting 'everything' lately, you grumpy old sod," Jude teased him.

Alex got that sultry look in his eyes that made Jude’s groin contract with anticipation. "Aam gonnae ride ye sae hard when we gie haem, Jude. An' nae, aam nae leavin' th' backpack."

"I could look after it for you," Jude offered grinning, but Alex shook his head vehemently. Then he seemed to consider that for a moment.

"Aam nae lettin' it it ay mah sicht, but ‘en Ah suppose it diz look strange tae stain at th' buffit clutchin' mah backpack like a security blankit, like...”

Jude snorted. “I know. I’m just fucking with you.” Alex got up nevertheless. Jude leaned over the table, and their green eyes met. “I’m going to make sure you keep your word... you know... later.”

“The shaggin’?”

“The fucking shagging, yeah,” Jude whispered.

Alex looked to both sides before he leaned over the table, too, and planted a firm kiss on Jude’s lips. Then he grabbed his dirty plate and went to the buffet for a refill.


Alex slept for the rest of the ride on the back seat while Jude drove home. The whole trip to Edinburgh felt surreal by now. Jude sure hoped the two men in that flat were as dense as they seemed. They really didn’t need any nasty surprises now. Floyd’d been given false last names, false former addresses, and Jude’d paid in cash, so there weren’t really any leads back to this place or their real identities.

"Millions," Jude mused grabbing the wheel harder. Speaking the word aloud was almost making him delirious. "Alex?" he called.

His brother opened his eyes and hummed. "Yeah?"

"We're home."

"Guid," Alex said quietly.

Jude got out of the car and went to the trunk to get the backpacks out.

Alex tumbled out and stretched. He shuddered in the crisp air. "Finally, heh?"

Jude smiled. "Yeah. Finally."

Then they got inside and moved to the bedroom. Quickly, they emptied the backpacks and the paper bunches took up space on Jude's duvets. Alex toed off his shoes and slipped out of his jacket.

"How much?" Jude asked, eyeing the stacks of solid £50 notes.

"We tried tae coont them when we foond them back 'en. Juliit estimated aroond twenty million, but she didn’t coont aw ay it."

"Twenty?" Jude spluttered.

"Why do you think I've been so antsy about it, Jude?" Alex asked with justified exasperation.

"But..." Jude ran his fingers through his short blond hair. "Bullocks... Jesus, Alexander!"

"Half ay it is yoors, Jude. Aw reit?"

Jude bit a nail. "I don’t know what to say... This is... I can't even use it for the company. Would never be able to explain where I got the sudden capital from."

Alex laughed. "True. A bludy paradox, ye crabbit cunt."

Jude laughed, too. "Soo... we'll just spend it?"

“We tried, but it was jist one cock-up efter anither when David got paranoid. Coz Juliit an' ah spent a wee amoont oan havin' fun. 'en David hid th' loot oan th' loft an' 'en ah had tae dae somethin’. Ah realised David was goin’ bunkers an', at th' time, me an' Juliit decided tae shaur th' dosh. It took a while tae gie mah hans oan it, but Ah managed tae switch everythin' tae sheets of news peppers an' filled th' suitcase wi' 'at insteid ay th' real banknotes..."

"Which you hid in the floor. It was brilliant, Alex,” Jude said.

"Especially, when th' cunt lit me bide oan th' fluir wi' a chib in mah shoolder."

"The police found you?"

"Aye. Aam nae sure if Juliit called them, ur th' nychburris responded tae th' rackit ay me bein' throon against aw th' surfaces ay th' flat...."

Jude smiled at Alex's vivid recount of the traumatising experience.

"But Ah lost a lot ay bluid..."

"Hopefully, you don't have an exotic blood type."

"Ah hae yer bluid type... dornt Ah?"

Jude gasped. Sometimes the fact they were half brothers slipped his mind because he was head over heels in love with Alex, but knowing they most likely shared the same blood type felt incredibly good. Incredibly erotic. “Fuck..." he whispered, "I want you, Alex."

Alex quickly wrapped the money in the duvet and pushed it on the floor. He launched himself at Jude with an impatient groan. "Thenk God. Ah thought ye really wanted tae spend th' next coople ay hoors coontin' bunsens."

Jude smiled and kissed him hungrily. "I'm gonna fuck you into the mattress now," he promised.

"Yoo'd better. Ah want tae ride ye, Jude. Want tae sit oan yer cock. Gie undressed. Noo," he demanded impatiently.

"Yeah, God yes," Jude moaned. "Want your tight arse. Fuck..." he hissed, as his cock tried to split his zipper. Uncoordinatedly, he tried to get his arms out of the sleeves of his shirt, while trying to keep his mouth glued to Alex's.

Alex got his jeans open and then sighed. "Hang oan. We’re gettin' nae whaur." Then he quickly divested himself of the remains of his clothes while Jude did the same.

"There," Jude said and, with a brilliant smile, received Alex in his arms again as they took up all the space on Jude's bed.

"Love this. Fucking love this," Jude said and kissed Alex's lips.

Alex straddled Jude's hips and wriggled Jude's hard cock in place along the cleft of his arse crack. He ran his fingers across Jude's nipples and smiled. “Ah like yer nipples. They're soft."

Jude just smiled. "And yours are pink." He grazed a nail across the hard bud and Alex flung his hair back before it fell into his face again,

"You know your hair is gorgeous, you poser," Jude teased.

Alex shrugged. "It’s red, like."

"Yeah. So are your pubes," Jude pointed out.

Alex looked down where the hair in their groins met. "Yoors ue darker. Heh..." he laughed at his pulsing erection.

Jude smiled at him. “I like we’ve got chest hairs...”

Alex lifted an eyebrow. “We’re big lads. Jude... yoo’re gettin' aff oan thes, aren’t ye? One sec...” Alex reached across and pulled the drawer on the nightstand. “Jonnies?”

“Lube?” Jude responded and grinned.

Alex had to leave Jude’s lap, stepped onto the floor, and studied the drawer. “Thaur shoods be some. Thaur was th' lest time?” He turned and looked questioningly at Jude.

Jude checked the other drawer. “Here. They’re in this one.”

“Thenk fuckin’ God,” Alex said as he fetched the supplies. He repositioned himself on top of Jude. Pushing himself to his knees, he watched Jude squeeze out some lube and then he leaned forward and stuck his arse out.

Jude smothered his face in Alex’s stomach as his fingers went straight to Alex’s hole.

Alex moaned. “Juuh... Ah can tak' a wee pain... cannae wait fur ye tae gie 'at dain.”

“Alex. Don't be stupid,” Jude said, but in reality, he was a little thrilled by the thought of Alex stinging a little when he entered him. “Say when...” he suggested.

“Ur ye daft, like?” Alex laughed. “Then I’ll jist say it noo!”

Jude frowned. Well, that wouldn’t do. Alex would just have to wait until Jude at least could fit in three fingers. Gently, he rubbed Alex’s prostate and the Scot cradled Jude’s head with a lustful lament.

“Jonnies?” Jude asked impatiently.

“Righto,” Alex replied just as impatiently. “We pure need tae gie tested, Jude. It’s silly nae tae.”

“I guess so,” Jude agreed, but then Alex rolled the latex on and, seconds later began fitting himself onto his cock. “Oooh...” Jude shuddered in synch with Alex. “Get up, Alex. Turn your back to me.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Alex said eagerly and twisted 180˚. Then he continued to skewer downwards. “Uh...” he hissed. It did sting a little, but Jude’s cock felt so amazing inside him. Jude put his hands around Alex’s pectorals and kept him flush against his chest.

“Good?” Jude asked.

Alex breathed a few times but smiled and dropped his head back against Jude’s shoulder. Turning his head, he pressed his mouth against Jude’s face and began gyrating gradually to be better seated. Jude’s hand slid lower to grab Alex’s cock. The hard flesh slowly slid back and forth in his slick palm. Thrusting his hips, Jude followed Alex’s motions and he slipped the rest of the way inside his lover.

“Jesus...” Alex whimpered. In that position, Jude was rubbing his prostate with every thrust. “G-god...”

Jude grabbed Alex’s head with his other hand and pushed him forward on his knees. Pressing his hand, he kept Alex’s head on the mattress and, as promised, fucked him hard.

Alex cried out in surprise. “Jesus, Jude... och, so guid...” he babbled hoarsely. Lewd, slapping noises resonated in the room, as skin hit skin when Jude’s groin connected with Alex’s backside. Jude kept Alex’s body in check when both his hands rested on the redhead’s hips. Slowing down, he pushed inside Alex. When Alex contracted around him, Jude’s eyes rolled to the back and dropped his head. His body took over fucking him in earnest, fuelled by Alex’s cries and moans.

“Faster, Jude. Faster!” Alex begged.

“A-alexander, h-here it comes,” Jude stuttered.

Alex grinded his arse back to get the full impact of Jude’s orgasm. The constant friction against his prostate sent numbing pleasure through Alex’s system, and he thought he was going to pass out from the force of his own climax.

Jude collapsed on top of Alex.

“Aw!” Alex yelped. He was a flexible bloke, but not flexible enough to support Jude in the position his thighs were spread under his lover.

“Sorry,” Jude slurred, slipped out of Alex, and tumbled to the side of him. He pulled off the condom and dropped it on the floor.

“Aw, aw, aw,” Alex complained, as he tried to gather his shaking legs. “An' th' spot is dreich, Jude!”

Wobbling onto his knees, Jude chuckled lovingly and helped Alex fall over. “Spots usually are... You know I’d be happy to bottom, Alex.”

“Nae. Ah like yer cock tay much tae dae th' honoors myself, Jude,” Alex smirked.

“Well. We should remember a towel.”

“But we didn’t,” Alex stated the obvious.

Jude shrugged, crashed next to him, and pulled Alex’s sweaty body close.

“Aam hummin’,” Alex said lazily with closed eyes. “Buzzin’,” he added and lay still in Jude’s arms.

“Good. Then I must have done the job right,” Jude said softly and kissed Alex’s forehead.


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