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Friday 30 Second to Mars will hit the stage in Copenhagen. They're playing in Tivoli. The concert is for free. However, you have to pay to enter the garden, but that's okay. Haven't seen them since 2007. I'm sure the place will be swamped with people.

Concert starts 10 pm. I get off from work 19.30. It's a brilliant combination :)
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30 Seconds to Mars at VMA last night. They looked fabulous as always :D

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30 Seconds To Mars Discover Glitter Hurts

"The glitter dispersed by the bikers accompanying 30 Seconds to Mars on their VMA entrance did more than leave a stain on the carpet; some of it actually got into Jared Leto's brother Shannon's eye and the paramedics had to be called. VMA audience member Kenny Mellman saw it all go down an hour before the show.

"The door to the restroom was being held open and I saw a bunch of people around the sinks," Mellman explained. "At first I thought that it was a celebrity getting ready and that they had taken over the bathroom, until I saw two paramedics assisting." Mellman soon realized the medics were helping to remove glitter from Shannon Leto's eye. "I overheard Jared Leto saying something to the effect of they didn't know the glitter was going to hurt, but it is the worst thing to get in your eyes."

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Now that the blond bits (*yeah, he's a natural blond...*) have grown out I'm sort of okay with the pink from a profile point of view...

But damn does he look hot!?

I'm sure these have been posted everywhere but I thought I'd do my share, too :D

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This is Jared at the Woody Awards on the 25th.

Before we know it, we have his Hephaestion look back ...if he continues to let it grow of course *s*

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(credit: Priscilla,
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Matt is back!! How nice to see him.

Got these pictures from [ profile] bee_ta_baby who got them from [ profile] newvilya who got them... well ask her *s*

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Credit: I made this picture spam from the Jay Leno Show file provided by Samantha to

*s* It's interesting how much time he must have spent doing his face so gorgeously, and yet his black varnish is chipped. But that's Jared in a nut shell, perhaps?

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I manipulated the background for the icon and removed distracting objects.


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