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Title: Are You Not Entertained? © 2003-2008 by Myr Juhl
Part: 1/12
Spoilers: None
Type: Novella, FPS, AU, Crossover
Rating/Warnings: This story is rated NC-17 and contains: * Graphic Male Slash * Language * Violence * Humiliation * Slavery * Rape * Dominance * OC Character Death *
Cast/Fandoms: Maximus (Gladiator), Glorfindel, Legolas, Haldir (LOTR), Hephaestion/Hîst-Ethir (Alexander the Great), Alaviv (Original Character), San-dir (Original Character)
Summary: After years of aiding the Roman Emperor expanding the Empire, the retired Spaniard born general Maximus Decimus Meridius is heading for his home in Tuscany, Italy. In his possession are three freshly bought slaves, captured from the colonies of Middle-earth.
On the sideline, a young Athenian Elf struggles to come to terms with as well as hiding his identity growing up ‘on the other side’ of the gate to Middle-earth. Becoming a part of an Empire striving to excel itself, he encounters Maximus’ Elves later, but soon his situation is not different from theirs.
Are You Not Entertained? Part 1 )
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Dear reader,

I have rewritten certain characters and events to ‘Are You Not Entertained?’. To those who absolutely hate the idea, I apologise. However, it was a matter of finishing or abandoning the story. I hope you appreciate the former.

This is the general idea behind merging General Hephaestion Amyntoros into the original story:

Some might remember that Elladan was introduced later in the story; well he’s out in favour of Hephaestion who will replace his character, but where does Hephaestion come from and why is his story told alongside Maximus and the Elves’?

Well, Hephaestion the Elf grew up in Middle-earth and had to escape with his family to Athens due to Rome’s upcoming invasion of the Realms. Eventually, his path will cross the others’, but it will take some time (chapter 6), and thereafter, he too goes through strenuous experiences before they all can finally meet. I hope Hephaestion’s journey will be as entertaining as that of Maximus and his Elves.

Bear in mind that my limited knowledge of LOTR and Alexander the Great is based on fandom and the gracious information provided from my fellow slashers.
Previous chapter numbers are annulled. This means fewer but longer chapters :)

Love Myr


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