Jun. 2nd, 2012 09:26 am
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I can totally ship Misha Collins and Jared Leto now, because they were both in "Girl, Interrupted" :D

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Okay... that was a rather funny observation.

Um.... for the record - I don't think Jared looks like a woman with (or without) facial hair.



Oct. 30th, 2011 12:13 pm
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I had to post this. He's so hot in red :D

Jared Leto attended the GQ Men Of The Year 2011 awards at Komische Oper. in Berlin, Germany, Friday wearing a bright red suit and black leather gloves. Per usual, his hair was teased up high above his forehead.
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30 Seconds to Mars at VMA last night. They looked fabulous as always :D

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Yeah, that's a nice picture :)

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Jared's been seeing a new lady friend.

She's his usual blond type and very pretty. She's also very Danish ;)

Katharina Alexandra Damm. There. Actress and model.

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Jared's looking good and the music is catchy :D

Doesn't make me wanna buy it, but then I'm not a boy ;)

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The way he struts up that room to enter the stage. Almost made me squee - lol. You look fantastic, Jared ;)

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Jared chilling in his studio. Snapshot by Terry.

"Oh...! Can I play with all the buttons on the right, Jared?"


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Nothing to see here other than how exciting it is when a performance turns on the performer :D

So I'm having an immature moment... sue me...

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This isn't great by far, but I thought the idea was hot. Could even resolve into a story some day :D
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I'm not going to say Jared needs to put on weight regarding those razor sharp cheek bones he shows off these days... just saying he and Gerard could swap a bit of body fat... maybe? *g*

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daikirai posted this and I'm still so amazed I had to post it, too :)

Check out this incredible make-up artist turn herself into Jared.

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Now that the blond bits (*yeah, he's a natural blond...*) have grown out I'm sort of okay with the pink from a profile point of view...

But damn does he look hot!?

I'm sure these have been posted everywhere but I thought I'd do my share, too :D

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Looks like it from the liberties of Terry Richardson

credit: Latoona.
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Jared and Constance shopping. I wonder what they have planned for Shannon :)

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New interview. Jared on ABC 'Chapter 27' He looks cute as ever *s*


Although the video doesn't belong to me, I did make the captions. Thanks.

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Jared Leto

No rock star is complete without a tattoo or two. So 30 Seconds to Mars front man Leto, 35, had Kat ink him in Greek and Roman style. "Jared got these black outlines of arrows from his Achilles [tendon] coming up to the back of his knees. He was a stickler about placement. I think it took longer to put the stencil on than to do the tattoo," she remembers with a chuckle. "It was like, 'Move it up a millimetre, no, move it back half a millimetre!'"

This was said by 'The Kat Corner' last year ... around autumn, maybe *s*

general website:

I'd forgotten about it, but when Jared's left arm tattoo was showed off in Brazil, I suppose I thought that was the tattoo she had mentioned.

But it was the leg... not the arm.

*puts on nosy glasses*

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