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30 Seconds to Mars at VMA last night. They looked fabulous as always :D

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30 Seconds To Mars Discover Glitter Hurts

"The glitter dispersed by the bikers accompanying 30 Seconds to Mars on their VMA entrance did more than leave a stain on the carpet; some of it actually got into Jared Leto's brother Shannon's eye and the paramedics had to be called. VMA audience member Kenny Mellman saw it all go down an hour before the show.

"The door to the restroom was being held open and I saw a bunch of people around the sinks," Mellman explained. "At first I thought that it was a celebrity getting ready and that they had taken over the bathroom, until I saw two paramedics assisting." Mellman soon realized the medics were helping to remove glitter from Shannon Leto's eye. "I overheard Jared Leto saying something to the effect of they didn't know the glitter was going to hurt, but it is the worst thing to get in your eyes."

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Title: Mixed Paints by Myr Juhl © 2006
Part: 1/1
Type: RPS
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 * Male slash * Rimming * Language * Despite an important misunderstanding the sexual acts are all consensual *
Cast: Shannon, Jared, Eamon, Colin.
Summary: After a special concert with '30 Seconds to Mars', passion flares out of nowhere, when the Farrell brothers comes by afterwards to say hello to the Leto brothers.
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