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...And please do stuff you have to make a post about tomorrow lol!

*hugs* to all

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Everybody is friended back now.

And I even seem to have gotten more friends now than before...

It took 2 hours *whines* to re friend you guys, but at least you're back with me :)

BUT... if I forgot anyone, please let me know!
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It's a mistake! I didn't delete anybody on purpose!

I'll try and re-friend everybody.

I hate this new rename thingy :(
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Hello everybody ! :)

I've renamed my journal from piximyr -> [ profile] myr_juhl.

Why? Because I'm not a pixi for real honestly - a shocker, I know *G*

That's all I guess.
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This is 1 visit from being ├╝ber cool in a way for silly little me lol!

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Merry Christmas dear friends.

I hope for all of you to experience some lovely days with friends and family - and some nice presents, too.

Hugs to all

love Myr

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It's 2009 in Copenhagen!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

*insert noise and fireworks*


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Hello flist,

I'm have cut down my friends list.

This means that my 400+ flist has been cut down to a shorter flist *s* Obviously, I don't know every single person of you, but there are some of you that I simply don't communicate with anymore, or never communicated with, so it's time to wave goodbye.

If you friended me just to read my Jared fiction, you can join [ profile] jaredslash. All my Jared fiction is posted there. Just make sure your birthday is public in your profile and I'll approve your membership ASAP.

What concerns LOTR rps, well... I'm not active in that fandom anymore, so there won't be much new stuff coming from that front, except 'Are You Not Entertained?', which will be posted this autumn in its entirety. New element to that epic is Hephaestion as an Elf :)

AYNE will not be friends locked for starters.

That's it.

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Hey guys

I'm off on vacation for a week. Sara and Olga, I'll try do your beta while I'm away and send if I can get net access, or you'll have to be patient until I'm back *s*

Love to all
and see all of you again next Sunday.

love and hugs Myr
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I received these this morning from [ profile] wild_orchid7 in Scotland.
Isn't she a sweetheart?!?!?

*hugs* you long distance



Actually, I got them because I betaed her story.

Don't feel obligated, okay!!!
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I'm being chased by several bands on myspace at the moment wanting me to friend them! Does this happen to you guys, too?

I wish it was Jared who personally had a deep, profound wish to have me as his friend, but that wasn't the case *g*

Anyway these British and Danish bands are not so known, and they just want me to listen to their music 'and spread the word'. Kind of nice once I understood what the intent was all about. *s*
All I've been getting lately was marriage proposals and invitations to sex orgies...

as you were

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Bought both EP albums from iTunes today with Michael Johns as lead singer (in bands 'The Rising' & 'Film'.) I'm truly sad he's out of American Idol ;(

I hope he got exposed enough to be able to make records of his own now, because I'll miss his voice if he doesn't.

*hugs new albums*

pics )
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It was impossible for me to choose 10 hot and sexy men when I sit with 150+ and can't even decide who is the hottest after Jared Leto, so I had to do it. There was no other way than to create a community dedicated to all the glamorous hot girls and boys.

It has a name *S* yes it does.

[ profile] leddow_archives

As a member you're welcome to post pictures of any celebrity you like, I've listed 150 names, but I could have listed 150 more if there had been space *s*, so it doesn't have to be those I listed. Any pretty, hot, sexy, cute face is welcome.

that's it!

love Myr
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I've written a few short stories to a new Alexander the Great Zine.

The sole credit goes to [ profile] nadja_lee. She's worked with this zine a few years, seeing it finally happen, I wish her many congratulations.

Other people obviously have contributed, too. From my flist are Okinay, Teamane, Beryll and Wannabelg.

If you're interested in buying the Zine, here is the link:
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I won a 30MYTHS award for 'Best Plot' to share with Seasidh, so thank you so much those who voted for me.

Lots of others also won 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes so congrats a ton to Miss P, del_rion, Meli, carry_j, mandolin13, seasidh, as_i_am, kit84 & calico as well as the winners not on my list ... good jobs ladies!!!!!!!

AND my dear Polydeuces was nominated for Goodbye and Year Zero however didn't make it for the finale. Congrats still. I'm so proud of you.

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Merry Christmas everyone.

I hope you'll have a lovely holiday

hugs and kisses Myr
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Boss told me something really interesting today:

"They're closing the shop.."

'They' being the family who owns the chain stores I work for.

But it's not so drastic as it sounds. *s* I'm not about to lose my job. But the rent is very expensive because the store is in three floors. So the plan is to find a new place in the very centre of Copenhagen. One floor only which will give us better working conditions when we receive our goods. I'll be very sad to say goodbye to the old charming buildings we have had for 20 years, but new ones will be easier to furnish and decorate. We'll have full access to every item instantly and no more running up and down stairs. It'll be an interesting year. I won't have extra travel time because we're already so close to city. I feel I look forward to this.
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couldn't resist this either. is pretty cool!

gakked from [ profile] lostiawen who gakked from [ profile] jazzyjean

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How evil are you?

Don't do these often, but this one was fun.

gakked from [ profile] alexcat
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I use Mozilla as a browser and yesterday I was nudged that it was time to upgrade for a new version. The cool thing was I could download an English dictionary, too. So what, you'd think, and I suppose I did as well... wouldn't even know where to find it if I wanted to use the dictionary. But that was until the next time I went to comment some flist's entry ... because! I realised all my misspellings were underlined! How cool is that? Normally, with my own entries I can go back and edit my own misspellings but not in comments. This way I can at least limit my typos in comments *g*

Just a bit of ... vanity *g*

Have a nice day.

Love Myr


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