Jun. 2nd, 2012 09:26 am
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I can totally ship Misha Collins and Jared Leto now, because they were both in "Girl, Interrupted" :D

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Oooh, Orlando is capable of this shit, too :D

And he brought Sidi along for the shoot.

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The photographer was sitting on her husband's bicycle while she was recording and he was pulling the steering wheel, so that made the movie shaky plus they were laughing so hard :)

She talked to the owner afterwards and he was okay with her publishing the video on YouTube. The dog is a she and is called Waldi :) She always does this and attracts attention.

The dog was walked on the shoreline Langelinie in Copenhagen :)

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Jared's looking good and the music is catchy :D

Doesn't make me wanna buy it, but then I'm not a boy ;)

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The way he struts up that room to enter the stage. Almost made me squee - lol. You look fantastic, Jared ;)

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Seems like he does a lot of Italian stuff...

If you can't remember who Raz Degan is, take a look:

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Lovely little presentation.
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Cheeks latest funny thing

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Cheeks sent me a message to spread the word that he's taking over YouTube, and I'm more than willing to be his pawn. I have no issues with Kristen Stewart. I just find his pov's hilarious in the subjects he chooses to focus on.

You need to become addicted to his little videos, so here goes the new one just a couple of hours fresh:


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